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Haphead Watchalong and Online Q&A

Sent February 12th 2015

Haphead Watchalong and Online Q&A It’s a great time to start watching Haphead — we’ve got half the first season online now! Plus, we’re doing a watchalong of the first season this Sunday afternoon — an online collective viewing of the full 72 minutes of season one for people who have or are willing to chip in a couple bucks. Plus a Twitter Q&A at the end! Details below. Those Bittorrent-lovin’ disruptive culture types VODO are selling the full HD version for download or stream for $4.99 (or make an o...

Haphead’s Premiere a Week Today!

Sent January 15th 2015

Haphead’s Premiere a Week Today! We’re putting the finishing touches on the first season of Haphead, an 8 episode webseries I wrote and created, and we’re going to watch all 70 minutes at the Royal Theatre a week today. It’s the whole deal — q&a with cast/crew, afterparty for everyone, and the theatre is a beautiful venue — they’re even licensed for the occasion. Our last Royal screening sold out, so we recommend ordering tickets online to avoid disappointment. If you’re not in Toronto, you’ll wan...

Society fears us, as it always fears the New.

Sent October 31st 2014

Society fears us, as it always fears the New. We’re Kickstarting post-production for Haphead, my cyberpunk web series about a girl who’s literally empowered by videogames. Consider backing it and get some rewards like parkour lessons and producer credits! Running a Kickstarter is a lot of work, but it’s work we need to do anyway — spreading the word about our new project. As always, we’re trying to balance the hype with a good deal of content. First, the Kickstarter video starts with a teaser using the brand new ...

All Aboard the Haphead Train!

Sent July 31st 2014

All Aboard the Haphead Train! About a month ago we got the word that Haphead, our near-future videogame subculture webseries, received funding. It’s a lot of the same folks I’ve been making lo-fi sci-fi no-budget films with since 2007 — except this time we’re getting paid a living wage for it! Pretty wild. Having a budget also means we can consider renting locations (like the train car above!) as well as accelerate the process — we’ll be releasing the first 45-60min (AKA “Season 1″) in January, instead of the 3 year ...

GHOSTS in Indie Sci-Fi Bundle

Sent April 15th 2014

GHOSTS in Indie Sci-Fi Bundle I first heard about Vodo a few years back when they were using BitTorrent as a form of alternative distribution for science fiction shorts and web series — something we did as well with our 2007 effort Infest Wisely. Currently they’re trying out a pay-what-you-want model, and they approached us to include Ghosts With Shit Jobs in their indie sci-fi Otherworlds bundle. They’ve brought together a great bunch of sci-fi shorts, experimental videogames (Tale of Tales) and speculative graphic ...

Ghosts With Shit Jobs: The Final Numbers

Sent March 15th 2014

Ghosts With Shit Jobs: The Final Numbers We started making Ghosts With Shit Jobs in 2009, released it in 2012 and screened it in 25 cities thanks to a Kickstarter campaign through 2012-13. We’ve learned a ton and recently applied what we know now to a proof-of-concept trailer for a new project — it’s called Haphead, and features the infinitely stretching electronics factory pictured above. And bunny-ninja fights. But before we move on we thought we’d talk frankly about the numbers behind our lo-fi sci-fi feature. We a...

watch my lo-fi sci-fi short Just Ella

Sent February 4th 2014

watch my lo-fi sci-fi short Just Ella I've been getting together with folks I made Ghosts With Shit Jobs with to make a trailer for our next project, Haphead -- starts shooting on Sunday, get in touch if you'd like to help out. We're going to be working with the same actress who starred in "Just Ella" -- a short I wrote/directed for the Lo-fi Sci-fi 48 Hour Film Challenge. It screened at Toronto After Dark (my favourite Toronto film fest) a few months back, and now you can watch it here. "Just Ella&q...

Aspirational Science Fiction

Sent October 21st 2013

Aspirational Science Fiction I remixed a 60 Minutes puff piece with one of the founders of Twitter so that it tells a story of open source bravery and genuine disruption. It’s part of my Postopias series. You can watch the 3 minute video here. I have resisted joining Twitter because I think privately owned communities are a terrible idea. Even if you can get over the few profiting from the labour of the many, they are naturally vulnerable to abuse — the bigger they get, the more pressure is there to change the orig...

Artist Residency at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Sent October 9th 2013

Artist Residency at the Art Gallery of Ontario Quite flattered and surprised to announce that I’ll be the artist-in-residence at one of North America’s largest museum galleries, the AGO. During February and March they’re providing a studio, a stipend and institutional support to make art — in my case, game art — and engage the public. What the public engagement will look like is still in the planning stages but I’ll be posting more about it as event details firm up. In related news, I took part in a hackathon ...

Our BIFF Experience and GHOSTS Tour T-Shirts

Sent September 5th 2013

Our BIFF Experience and GHOSTS Tour T-Shirts At a time of year when everyone's talking TIFF, we thought we'd talk BIFF. For us, getting into the Beijing International Film Festival was a bigger deal, what with Ghosts With Shit Jobs's premise being so connected to China. Co-director Tate Young interviewed BIFF-goers earlier this year on what they thought about our flick, and got lots of great city shots to boot. Check out the 6.5 minute mini-doc here. It's now four years since we began this project and it's b...

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