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Finding Authentic Agency in Black Rock City

Sent October 19th 2016

Finding Authentic Agency in Black Rock City You're at Burning Man, with six choices to make before the world goes white. Choose wisely. Or wildly. The dust storm won't care. [ PLAY BLACK ROCK CITY ] As a linear storyteller, branching narratives have been challenging for me. I usually have a story I want to tell, and in writing choice-based games I often found myself having to write a bunch of branches I wasn’t as interested in, and I always looped them back to converge with the main story. I preferred making ...

Texture is Born

Sent July 11th 2016

Texture is Born I'm very proud to announce the official release of our interactive fiction authoring tool, Texture! At the top of the post is Jonathan Wyke's cover art for Pretty Sure, the first game I made with it. It's about parenting after Earth is colonized. You can play it on anything with a web browser but it's especially nice on a tablet. Juhana Leinonen and I have been chipping away at Texture for a few years, and it started with wanting to make an interactive fiction int...

Writing Every Day: Experiment Conclusions

Sent April 17th 2016

Writing Every Day: Experiment Conclusions I’ve never written every day. When I write novels, I write 1250 words 4 times a week — each session generally taking 3-4 hours — which gets me to 100,000 words in six months. When I’m writing I write on a schedule, but often I go months without writing fiction. Just to try out a new approach I decided to write a complete story in an hour every day. For a month I posted a daily story toTwitter, Medium, and Wattpad. Now I’ve also published them as a f...

A Story Stranger than Fiction

Sent January 26th 2016

A Story Stranger than Fiction It’s a little strange to realize it’s been almost six years since I last published a book, Sword of My Mouth. It’s something I did pretty regularly for a decade, putting out five books between 2000-2010 — and then I just stopped. A couple of reasons conspired to make this so. The first one was kind of a heart-breaker. I had previously always printed a Canadian edition and my US publisher had printed their own edition. This was costly and risky for me. But by my fifth boo...

Hour Power and a Free Graphic Novel

Sent December 9th 2015

Hour Power and a Free Graphic Novel Each day for the past two weeks I’ve been writing a story in one hour, taking a screenshot of it, and attaching it as an image to a tweet — they’re generally a screen long and definitely a violation of Twitter’s 140 character limit. It’s fun to scope a story to super short pieces, explore whimsical sci-fi ideas, try different tones and styles, and spend a moment or two with some characters. The other day me and Sean were over at Mathew Borrett’s ...

Moustaches of the Hipster Hellspawn

Sent November 23rd 2015

Moustaches of the Hipster Hellspawn Continuing the 15th anniversary giveaway: my free ebook this month is An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil. My original title for this was Hipster Hellspawn -- in fact I think the title might have come first. I was convinced by one of my early readers that this was a bad title, that the H-word alienates everyone -- one of the most pronounced aspects of hipsterism is that it disavows itself. I have a theory that this discomfort in its own skin is the way that ...

Wonderland Launched

Sent November 9th 2015

Wonderland Launched My new iPhone game, Wonderland: A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery, is now on sale for $3.49 on the App Store! Check out the brand new website and trailer, which stars my mom. You can also listen to the first chapter there, which thanks to my collaborators is some fine, fine audio drama. We launched the game on Saturday night at Junction Brewery with a nice crowd of well-wishers, including a lot of my fellow interactive fiction game makers: Emily Short, Will O'Neill, Sam Barlo...

Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Long-Arm Stapler

Sent October 20th 2015

Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Long-Arm Stapler My eight-year-old Sidney tabled her first zine fair on Saturday. Of her three scary stories my favourite was from a weird dream she had called The Woman With Three Boobs, but I also liked Fonster: The Fish Monster and The Ghost Who Sang a Song. The last one was actually what started it all -- I'd taken her to another zine fair and she'd gotten a blank notebook with a cartoon of a ghost with a microphone on the cover. One day, fairly uncharacteristic...

This month's free ebook & IndieCade nom

Sent September 16th 2015

This month's free ebook & IndieCade nom I am taking a quick break from prep for our upcoming Toronto fancy videogame party to toot that my upcoming iPhone audio drama adventure game Wonderland has got a nod from the jurors at IndieCade! I love the Los Angeles festival, held in the cozy Culver City neighbourhood, so I’ll be using the excuse to fly down south again next month even if I have just returned from Nevada. (And yeah, wow, was that ever wo...

The Tour Guide: A Playful Fiction game launch

Sent April 30th 2015

The Tour Guide: A Playful Fiction game launch One of the things I got up to when I was an artist-in-residence at the Art Gallery of Ontario was make a game. It’s a simple video choose-your-own-adventure set in the AGO, featuring a rather unusual tour guide. It was a fun opportunity to work with Rachel again (who was the human spam in Ghosts With Shit Jobs) and a good excuse to poke and prod at the protective membrane that surrounds any institution. The folks at the AGO were really good humoured about it and now hav...

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