Walk Away With Wonderland, for Free

From: "No Media Kings Updates" <jim@nomediakings.org>
Subject: Walk Away With Wonderland, for Free
Date: May 8th 2017

Does your mom like puzzles and historical mysteries, and own an iPhone? Why not surprise her on Mother's Day by installing Wonderland?

Wonderland is an audio drama game set circa 1914, in Toronto's rough-and-tumble Junction neighbourhood. The end of each chapter poses a puzzle -- solve it, and unlock the next one. Stuck? Just put your iPhone in your pocket and go for a walk... every 100 steps, one of the letters in the puzzle is filled in.

Just in time for the start of prime walking season, Wonderland is free for the month of May. Walking simulators are so 2012 -- take our walking stimulator for a stroll instead! Install it for free here

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