Moustaches of the Hipster Hellspawn

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Subject: Moustaches of the Hipster Hellspawn
Date: November 23rd 2015

Illyana from the New Mutants, the first comic I ever loved.

Continuing the 15th anniversary giveaway: my free ebook this month is An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil. My original title for this was Hipster Hellspawn -- in fact I think the title might have come first. I was convinced by one of my early readers that this was a bad title, that the H-word alienates everyone -- one of the most pronounced aspects of hipsterism is that it disavows itself. I have a theory that this discomfort in its own skin is the way that it evades being co-opted -- or at least gives its skin a slipperyness that makes it difficult to bottle and sell. Maybe that's why in the over 10 years since I wrote the book the term hipster hasn't been totally replaced. (I vote for "coolster".)

And apparently these hipster-adjacent ideas have followed me into middle-age as in the last month or so I have been toying with the idea of a comedy webseries named Moustache Shoppe. It'd never be entirely clear what happens in the Shoppe -- grooming? consultation? trims? -- but if you have to ask, you probably don't belong there. Comics who particularly enjoyed Movember should drop me a line! (And yes, I know: there's lots of signs Peak Moustache has already occurred. But a small, carefully coiffed fringe of hair above a man's lip is still very delightful.)

But back to this month's free ebook, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil:

Ever walked in on a roommate in, uh, the middle of something? When Kate interrupts Lilith’s demonic ritual, it’s pretty awkward, but it gives her a great idea for a new blog called Roommate From Hell.

“You really must pick up a copy of the incomparably great Jim Munroe’s latest novel… a warm, poignant look at the underground art scene in Toronto, Opening Act captures the oddball community spirit and aspirations of people who care more about a good wheat-paste campaign than about mortgages.”— San Francisco Bay Guardian

Cover art and back cover copy & more blurbs here.

Download epub/mobi/pdf here

Free in August: Angry Young Spaceman (now pay-what-you-want)
Free in September: Everyone In Silico (now pay-what-you-want)
Free in October: Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask (now pay-what-you-want)
Free in DecemberTherefore Repent! (illustrated by Salgood Sam)
Free in JanuarySword of My Mouth (illustrated by Shannon Gerard)

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