Wonderland Launched

From: "No Media Kings Updates" <jim@nomediakings.org>
Subject: Wonderland Launched
Date: November 9th 2015

My new iPhone game, Wonderland: A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery, is now on sale for $3.49 on the App Store! Check out the brand new website and trailer, which stars my mom. You can also listen to the first chapter there, which thanks to my collaborators is some fine, fine audio drama.

We launched the game on Saturday night at Junction Brewery with a nice crowd of well-wishers, including a lot of my fellow interactive fiction game makers: Emily ShortWill O'NeillSam BarlowJason McIntoshSquinkyDoug Orleans and Christine LoveCheck out some pictures here.

If you dig our weird historical mystery walking stimulator, consider giving it a retweet! https://twitter.com/nomediakings/status/663749065268707328

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