Manimal Sanctuary

From: "No Media Kings" <>
Subject: Manimal Sanctuary
Date: September 11th 2017

Hey everyone,

Been a while! The world is a strange place these days, eh? As I recalibrate to face this new reality, more over-the-top dystopic than anything I've written, I wrote and designed a virtual reality game. It's set on Toronto Island after a Lovecraftian apocalypse.

Manimal Sanctuary is a lurking simulator. It leverages low-end VR technology to enable every player’s ultimate fantasy: to play a creature part coral reef, part Cthulhu, who consumes human emotions. Set after the rest of the city is consumed by gibbering monstrosities, you eavesdrop on the survivors and their dramas involving things like bad potato crops and graffiti tags. And if those everyday emotions aren’t filling enough, you can always uncover some devastating secrets…

The free demo is available now for iPhone and Android phones that can run Google Cardboard apps. Read more about our intent and watch a gameplay vid here.

But if you're in Toronto, you can also come check it out on Saturday when we're debuting it on the Island itself! It's part of a cool event at Artscape Gibraltar, info over here.  (It's also at FIVARS if you're busy Sat!)

We weirded up our VR goggs so you'll look awesome playing it!

I hope you're well, my friends, as fall begins, and then winter... on the Island they make a bonfire of Christmas trees every year. 

Devise a way to stay warm and be good to each other,



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